World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


“Freemasonry as a Social Commitment"

M. W. Bro. José Luis Pérez Aguirre

Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of Sinaloa

In the constant movement of our lives, in our world of struggle for welfare and happiness, and driven by the worried spark of love for progress, each of us gets to knock on the doors of the Masonry. We cross the flames of purifucation, fire symbolizing love for your fellows, which must burn forever in our hearts. We pledge to help our brothers, with all our strength.

So we initiate ourselves and we all commit to build dignity and human greatness, forcing ourselves to study the moral and intellectual sciences, always linking these to the practice of virtue and discarding habits which pervert instincts.

If we keep alive, day after day, those duties, obligations and commitments undertaken with ourselves and with our brother Masons; if we cultivate the virtues fostering ethical and moral values that make the life of every Mason worth, if our actions both inside and outside the lodge reflect that evolution of ours towards love to our fellows, a change is guaranteed in our lives, an improvement, a progress towards the goal that brought us to this August Institution.

And to the extent that we ratify these commitments extending them to the society in general, supporting our principles of free men and good morals, and keeping intact our premise of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for all humans; -of course making the necessary adjustments to suit modern times-, Masonry can change the society, it can make our values impregnate the spirit of the communities we inhabit.

Already in other times and in many countries , including our Mexico, Freemasonry has been the institution of higher social projection, and today it is time to resume our principles, our teachings, our example, to be once again a living presence in the social transformations and progress in the whole world.

Let us return to our commitment as Masons, contribute in the society with our testimony of Order, Discipline, Union, strength, laboriousness, perseverance and loyalty.

Masons in the whole world, we are now called to generate an attitude in society in which humans live in close union, bound in brotherhood, righteousness and justice, in frank disregard of feelings that divide us such as hate, fears and selfishness.

The 21st century society, the age of Aquarius, is waiting impatiently that the Masonic Institution enacts in each one of their events: Freedom to think, decide and act for the benefit of all; Equality among all, regardless of race, creed, color or political affiliation; Fraternity, where we are all truly brothers, accepted, loved, understood.

Freemasonry seeks, searches for refinement and human contentment; how much are we committed to it? That depends on ourselves, on each of us, our free will gives us the right way, our conscience tells us and our intelligence gives us the tools.

Each of the Masons must be a champion defender of justice, truth, protection of the afflicted, an example of honest life, generosity, an exemplary father, a loving son and an excellent citizen.

And the society shall welcome these kindnesses, these benefits. And we shall have made progress in building the magnificent temple consecrated to the Great Architect of the Universe.