World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


Freemasonry as a social commitment. How the values of the Craft can change a Mason’s life and how a Mason can change the society

Address of M. W. Bro. Radu Bălănescu
Grand Master of the National Grand Lodge of Romania

The Tessellated Pavement from the Masonic Temples reminds us not only of the dualism of this world, but also of the struggle between good and evil. As Freemasons, we are fully aware of the fact that we can make the difference between good and evil, that we can profess the principles of Virtues and cut deep pits for vice only if we are truly conscious of our inner self. One of the fundamental qualifications for being admitted into Freemasonry is to be recognized as a freeman of good report. Freedom and Morals are values without which inner and outer Peace cannot exist.

Freedom is the one that helps us to take the right decisions and to assume them, as individuals, as well as an Order. The Universal Spirit is the one that connects us and guides our actions.

We are guided to dialogue one with each other, but also with the ones who are not members of our Order, respecting our fellows and peers, which improves our communication in harmony and Peace. We respect and observe the ancient tenets and Landmarks, which represent the filter of our consciousness.

The equilibrium is the one that preserves the harmony of human relationships; its alteration often generates conflicts, fights and wars.

Dear Brethren, our mission – making good men better – guides our steps from a good world to a better world. This world is possible only if we try to achieve what Immanuel Kant used to define as Eternal Peace. Peace is a goal that we assume when we are initiated into the Craft; we all together aim at this goal, within the Universal Chain of Freemasonry.

Our responsibility, as Freemasons, is enormous. This responsibility, which had been assumed by our forerunners who passed to the Grand Lodge Above, is professed by us within the Craft. Here there are no social, political or religious divergences. The belief in the Great Architect is the essential Force that binds us all together.

Unfortunately, these differences still generate discrimination, affliction and destruction in the Society we live in.

That is the reason why fundamental values, such as Tolerance, Charity and Understanding are present and must always be present in the society, where Freemasonry should accomplish its assumed responsibilities. Freemasonry does not imply into politics or into games of power; each one of the members of the Craft represent Freemasonry with honor. Elites of the society and high-skilled professionals build all together the Temple of Peace and of the Welfare of Mankind.

It is impossible to extend our responsibility only on the level of the Harmony of our Works. The society needs the identification and valorization of fundamental values, without which Mankind is endangered to be torn up by dramatic conflicts.

Globalization and its accelerated effects highlight more and more risks and threats. The evolution of Humankind depends essentially on a good management of development disequilibrium and gaps and of intercultural and interconfessional dialogue. Our personal welfare and maybe even the future of Humankind are nowadays going through global challenges.

An evolution under the sign of Peace will not only generate economic welfare and a safe world, but also a development of individual consciousness and responsibility.

Our tradition gives us the reference points that show us for what and especially how we should imply ourselves in the evolution of society. Our common future, put under the sign of Universal Chain, depends on our judgment, on our Discipline and on the Unity that we will have to make proof of.

Dear Brethren, we seek the Lost Word, trying to build the perfect Temple of human nature. We seek the way to put order into chaos, both on individual and social levels. Without Principles and Knowledge, namely in disorder and ignorance, the Peace we wish for will be more and more difficult to achieve.

Therefore, let us unite in the Universal Bond, bearing in mind and in spirit the desideratum to let Peace embosom us and our fellows’ Beings.

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