World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges



The Brotherhood of Freemasons – the Place Where Loyalty and Morality Acquire New Values. The Masonic Experience and the Guiding Role of the Lodge

Masonry is where morality acquires new values.

The Masonic Fraternity is the cement that binds and defines the Brotherhood.

The Lodge: is the perfect place for morality and equality; has a duty to make better Brethren; the preparation of works in the Lodge should be supported by commitment, responsibility and organization.

The Masonic method should be used as a means for the information of a Mason, which begins with ourselves, through a journey we take with willingness, perseverance, humility and example. The Masonic method provides for individual effort to learn to look within ourselves in order to find the light.

The Masonic spirit is the result of the work which can be reached through Masonic Aesthetics and Masonic Ethics.

Masonic Instruction should not be implemented or used under the prism of the academic method but must be based on example.

“Words convince, facts speak for themselves.”

“Freemasons today are grandsons of Operatives and sons of Enlightment.”

“Through Loyalty and Morality, a Mason acquires new values.”

“There must be reciprocity between Brethren to make us walk towards values of Truth, Honor and Justice.”

“The Masonic commitment is different from the social commitment as it incorporates the Initiatic Value.”