World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


“The World Conference as a Bond for the Masonic Universal Fraternity."

M. W. Bro. Iraci Da Silva Borges

Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Paraná, Brazil

Freemasonry gives us the opportunity to transform the communities in which we live, mainly for human improvement determined by Love.

In virtually all countries of the world we have Brothers involved in practicing and disseminating the Masonic philosophy, all attentive to the same ideas and concepts, all with the same purpose: to spread happiness.

Governed by the principle of ethics, we are constituted by a great international movement ruled by the defense of tradition and moral values, using fraternity as the major force which keeps our actions in harmony.

Our regional concerns almost always prevent us to act, turning us back to our own problems, restraining our ability of mutual aid with other Regular Grand Lodges.

It is true that we should maintain the universal consciousness, inherent in Freemasonry, and destroy the differences, boundaries and borders so that we may recognize the equality of all who accept Its philosophy, regardless of political ideologies or religious beliefs.

The existence and the strengthening of the World Conference of Masonic Regular Grand Lodges is paramount to remind us of our commitments and our mission to make all mankind happy, without restrictions.

When we engage in the globalization of knowledge, in interpersonal relationships and in understanding the importance of the exercise of Love without geographical limitations, we are able to understand why we are proud to belong to the Masonic Order.

With the pride of being Freemasons.