World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


“Respectful Suggestion for the Proper Functioning of a Lodge."

Gilberto Otero Valenzuela

M. W. Bro. Gilberto Otero Valenzuela

Past Grand Master and Personal Representative of the Grand Master of the Grand

Lodge "Pacifco" of the State of Sonora

M.W., our common rules speak about the constitution of our workshops as being simple, just and perfect lodges. They must have a certain number of masters, fellow-crafts and apprentices meeting in each lodge at the time of their work.

According to your own personal experiences I am certain that you had the same as I had: that you had witnessed within the workshops that there was no more mortifying moment than the one when the word is given inside the lodge’s workshops. As there is no agenda to read or comment, the silence of our brethren fills in the space of the workshop and if one brother raises his hand it is only to excuse himself for not being present or in order to announce something about another brother who for whatever reason could not be present at the workshop. There is also the current case of the treasurer who does not collect and the brethren who do not pay or the ridiculous of the situation when at a ceremony we cannot find the instruments for its development.

In my time within the lodge I had tried to transcend from a perfect lodge to a “Functional Lodge”, as I call it. For that I came with the strategy of having a brother take care of organization, a practical brother and a brother for debates and I will explain why. I had convinced the first brother who had a vocation for it to be in charge of everything regarding the instruments for every ritual of every grade so that all was in order at all times and not to appear ridiculous otherwise. For example, at an initiation ceremony, where if you cannot see it does not mean that you cannot hear the claims between us, calling names because we could not find the right instruments in order to conduct the ceremony.

I had convinced a second brother to take care of the treasury. And I left aside the fact that I will not charge anybody because they all know what to do and I do not have to second them at all times. Nothing of a kind. The craft of Masonry is not something that we automatically learn and for that each lodge needs a practical brother who permanently requests to his brothers to fulfil their economic duties, so important for the lodge.

And finally, I had convinced a third brother, the dialectic, so that in those moments of silence within the workshop when nobody takes the floor to intervene with a corresponding theme and make the brethren speak about it, simply because we need to work within the lodge.

I share with you the fact that this strategy had results and until this date my Mother Lodge Hermosillo #19, continues to keep the tradition of being a functional lodge with the attendance of three indispensable brethren for the entire workshop that are the Organized Brother, the Practical Brother and the Dialectic Brother. And if we succeed in having more than one of these in each workshop there would not be any deviations.

I said.