World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges


“Freemasonry as a Social Commitment. How the Values of the Craft can Change a Mason’s Life and How a Mason canChange the Society. "

R. W. Bro. Guillermo López Nájera

Grand Master of the Grand Lodge “Cosmos” of the State of Chihuahua

In order to present to you this theme I have to part from my historical roots. From my point of view I feel complied to make an historical social presentation of my people in order to understand what the mission of the Masons from my Great Jurisdiction is.

Mexico is a multicultural country which was conquered, submitted and in few occasions exterminated by the conquistadores. Next to this I have to say that it was also preached by the Catholic missionaries and this domination lasted exactly 300 years. Nevertheless it is important to say that it reached a large territory where there had been and still are various ethnic groups that along with the conquest gave birth to crossbreeding, the race which was not Spaniard nor Indigenous as it was finally called.

This lead to inequalities among the inhabitants of Mexico, inequalities which still exist after 500 years of crossbreeding history between Spaniards and Indigenous and it also generated social movements that many times ended in blood baths in our country.

Seven years ago, all these factors, the conquest, the extermination, the social and racial inequalities rose a wave of violence that had never been seen before in this country and which originated the most severe crisis of insecurity from our history. I have to speak here of what I had to do as a Mason whose main profession has been that of legal councillor for the last eleven years.

In my work as legal councillor of the Congress of Chihuahua State I was specialized in the security area and from my office, many of the times from my Lodge, together with different Brethren, I have issued projects which aimed at the decrease of the criminal index in my State. All this though various laws we had drafted, always inspired by our principles and I proudly have to say that from being the most dangerous towns in the world Chihuahua and Juárez got to be erased from that black list.

Three factors helped reduce the criminal index, the first: immediate action from the

authorities to fight it. The second: issuance of legal norms which inhibit the commission of crimes and the third, the awareness inflated to the citizens about the fact that we needed to change our social environment and here, we, the Masons, have a lot of material in order to build a better society.

We visualize a life which has to follow the right path of justice, peace and Brotherhood\ and for that we must first take the following actions:

Be coherent in our quality of Masons and fulfill the principles of our Moral Code. If all Masons fulfilled this exalted code of values our environment would definitely be better.

Together with our authorities we have to contribute in order to apply efficiently the public policies. We can do this as an organization and as citizens, the legal culture (doing things according to law, leaving aside the corruption) is a very important factor. In Mexico there is a phrase which bothers me a lot, I had also read it in Leoluca Orlando, (the famous Mayer who fights the Mob) where he said that in Mexico we say: “those who do not take advantage do not prosper”, that is: the one who does not commit any irregularity, a dishonest person, to put it like this, simply does not progress. It really hurts me recognize that this is a social evil in which we live in Mexico but we should not generalize this as the majority of the Mexican people is made of honest workers, very connected with their traditions.

The most important thing we can do as Masons is teach our children to be good future citizens and perhaps this is one of the greatest teachings of Masonry through its Moral Code. Teach them our good principles and manners; to have an illuminating doctrine instead of a frivolous elegance. To be honourable persons instead of skilful persons.