World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges



I. MEXICO (Mexico D.F. y Acapulco): FIRST CONFERENCE (1995)

As a part of the program to celebrate its 112th anniversary, the Grand Lodge "Valle de Mexico" organized the First World Grand Masters Encounter of the Regular Symbolic Masonic Obedience.
The first session was held in Mexico City on the 19th of March 1995 and the following sessions took place in Acapulco (March 21st to 23rd). It was headed by its Grand Master, M.W.B. Salvador Montes de Oca.

37 Grand Lodges participated in the Conference, among them:
- Gran Logia del Estado de Mato Grosso, Brasil
- Gran Logia del Estado de Minas Gerais, Brasil
- Gran Logia del Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil

- Gran Logia de Colombia (Bogota)
- Grab Logia Occidental de Colombia

Gran Logia de Costa Rica Gran Logia del Ecuador
Gran Logia Cuscatlán de El Salvador Gran Logia de Espana
Gran Logia of the State of Israel Gran Oriente D'Italia
Gran Logia de Nicaragua
Gran Logia Regular de Portugal
Grand Lodge of New York (USA)
Gran Logia de Uruguay

The central subject of the Conference was "Freemasonry in the Third Millennium: challenges and strategies". At the end of this international meeting of Grand Masters it was approved the following document hereinafter called CHARTER OF ANAHUAC, inspired by the following


1st - We are aware that the advent of the third millennium a challenge before mankind and Universal Freemasonry, must immediately adopt a position to enable it to outline adequate tactics and strategies.
2nd - The constant practice of the Masonic principles of tolerance and fraternity is the foundation for the achievement of stable peace among men and nations; we therefore express our hope that by this practice, the existing conflicts should be solved and sprouting of violence be prevented in all four corners of the earth.
3rd - Consistent with our principles of affirming man's value of liberty and dignity, we must continue the fight, in the 21st century, against insecurity, ecological depredation, contamination of the environment, inequity and corruption, violation of human rights, social instability, insalubrity, deficiencies and religious commitments in education, marginalization, discrimination of any kind and all the adverse factors that persist at the end of this century.
4th - As Freemasonry is a universal order of initiates based on the practice of morality, it is advisable that all jurisdictions whose representatives signed this Charter as well as those that may in the future be added thereto, dedicate a particular interest in promoting, in their respective jurisdictions, the permanent practice of the everlasting principles and their immutable adherence to law and legality.
5th - In view of the quantitative and qualitative changes that have taken place this century and of those that may occur in the immediate future, it is imperative that our Augustus Institution act in the strict adherence to our Ancient Landmarks, laws, usage and customs, in order to contribute to the integral welfare of the human race.
6th - Reflecting the diversity and progress of the means of communication that are making globalism possible, we consider that intensifying the interchange of experiences and information which may help to identify, know and, as the case may be, propose viable solutions to local problems by making use of the experiences and uniting the wills and efforts of all, may be a very valuable means to attain the objectives derived from the preceding considerations.

Consequently, the First International Meeting of Grand Masters of Regular Symbolic Masonic Jurisdictions, without prejudice to the existence and strengthening of the Masonic Confederations that, at national as well as regional levels, watch over the unity and Masonic Regularity of Symbolic (Craft Masonry) and taking into consideration the proposal put forward by the M.W. Grand Lodge Valle de Mexico, passes the following RESOLUTION:

To appeal to the Regular Symbolic Jurisdictions to sign this letter and those that may be added to it in the future, so as to actively promote the creation of an International Masonic coordinating entity, without interfering in the sovereignty of each of its members or committing them in their mutual relations and recognition.

The body shall have as primary objective:
a) To gather and promote the interchange of information amongst jurisdictions, regarding the problems and solutions enunciated in the Considerations.
b) To propose jointly developed solutions so that the actions of Freemasonry in each jurisdiction may be integrated as much as possible within the framework of a coordinated worldwide strategy, with the purpose of making them more effective as a result of working in conjunction.

The subscribing regular Symbolic (Craft) Masonic jurisdictions will send to the ad hoc committee to be formed by the Conference, the suggestions, recommendations and opinions they deem necessary, within a term of no more than ninety days from the date of the signing.

Taking the above into consideration, the said committee will draft the project for the establishment of the international Masonic coordinating organization the aforementioned passed resolution refers to.

Said draft shall be submitted to the consideration of the Grand Lodge of each of the signing Jurisdictions, within the following six months.

The result must be in the hands of the above mentioned committee as soon as permitted by the internal consultations, the necessary deliberations and the final agreement, as required by the laws and regulations of each Jurisdiction.

Once the final text has been drawn up, after attending to the amendments and corrections proposed for it, the committee shall submit the resulting document to the consideration of all the participating Jurisdictions for its final ratification at the next meeting of the Grand Masters.