World Conference Of Regular Masonic Grand Lodges



The Fifth Conference was called "V World Conference of Grand Lodges". It took place in Madrid, on May 24th – 27th 2001. It was organized by the Grand Lodge of Spain, presided over by its Grand Master Tomas Sarobe.

The following 72 Grand Lodges participated in the Conference:

Gran Logia de Andorra Gran Logia de Argentina Grand Lodge of Austria Grand Lodge of Belgium Gran Logia de Bolivia Brazil: - Gran Logia de Amazonas - Gran Logia de Espiritu Santo - Gran Logia de Goias - Gran Logia de Minas Gerais - Gran Logia de Parana - Gran Logia de Rio Grande do Sui - Gran Logia de Rondonia - Gran Logia de Santa Catarina - Gran Logia de Sao Paulo - Gran Oriente de Brazil - Gran Oriente de Minas Gerais

Canada: - Grand Lodge of Ontario - Grand Lodge of Victoria

Gran Lodge de Chile Colombia: Gran Logia de Barranquilla Gran Logia de Bogota Gran Logia de Cartagena Gran Logia de Costa Rica Grande Loge de Cote D'Ivoire Grand Lodge of Croacia Gran Logia de Cuscatlan, EI Salvador Grand Lodge of Czech Republic The United Grand Lodge of England Gran Logia de Espana Grande Loge National Francaise The United Grand Lodges of Germany Gran Logia de Guatemala Grand Orient D'Haiti Gran Logia de Honduras Grand Lodge of India Grand Lodge of Iran (in exile) Grand Lodge of Ireland Grand Lodge of the State of Israel Grande Oriente D'Italia Grand Lodge of Luxemburg Grand Lodge of Mali

Mexico: Gran Logia de Baja California Gran Logia de Nuevo Leon Gran Logia Valle de Mexico Grand Lodge of Moldavia

Grand Lodge of the Netherlands Gran Logia del Peru Gran Logia Regular de Portugal Grand Lodge of Russia Grand Lodge of Scotland Grand Lodge of Senegal Grand Lodge of Switzerland (Alpina) Grand Lodge of Taiwan Grand Lodge of Turkey

United States of America: - Grand Lodge of Arizona - Grand Lodge of Connecticut - Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia - Grand Lodge of Massachusetts - Grand Lodge of Michigan - Grand Lodge of New Hampshire - Grand Lodge of New Jersey - Grand Lodge of New York - Grand Lodge of North Carolina - Grand Lodge of Oregon - Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania - Grand Lodge of Washington - Grand Lodge of Wisconsin Gran Logia of Uruguay

Also, there participated as observers the representatives of the Grand Logia of Cuba, the Confederation of Regulares Mexican Grand Lodges, the United Grand Lodge of Mexico, the Grand Lodge of Hidalgo (Mexico), the Grand Lodge of Quintana Roo (Mexico) and The National Grand Lodge of Romania.

Its main subject was "Freemasonry. Necessary in the 21st Century". The specific items were: (a) Have we been victims of our own success? (b) Shall we be able to develop a procedure for Universal Recognition between Regular Grand Lodges? (c) How can we intensify the dialogue between Grand Lodges? and (d) Does it help to open the doors of the Grand Lodges of the World to integrate them into the present society?

Thirteen official papers were presented for the analysis of these matters, among them:

a. Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition: RW.B. James W. Daniel, Grand Secretary General of the United Grand Lodge of England. b. Does it help to open the doors of the Grand Lodges to integrate them into the present society? A historical analysis from sociopolitics: the Chilean experience: M.W.B. Jorge Carvajal-Munos, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Chile. c. The role of Freemasonry in the 21st Century. Tradition Ethics and New Values: M.W.B. Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Grand Oriente de Italy. d. The Beacon Project of Volunteerism: M.W.B. Paul N. Cross, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Michigan. e. Masonic Jurisdiction; M.W.B. Ismael Cornejo Alvarado, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Peru.